Kia Akina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Take Control – Check weight every day

Taking control can be as easy as weighing ourselves each day. Deliberately giving ourselves a conscious external reminder on a daily basis immediately puts us in control so long as we don’t catastrophize the measurement. Remember, weight varies all the (more…)

Enjoy Life – Don’t get it mixed up with pursuing pleasure

Striving to enjoy life is relevant for everyone – fat, skinny and in-between. But it is a particular issue for us who love food; we whose enjoyment in life can become distorted and dominated by the quest to consume pleasurable (more…)

Eat Well – Keep NEEDNT foods to a minimum (even at Christmas)

This might be the most important strategy in the Kia Akina programme. By either avoiding all non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient (NEEDNT) foods or only eating them in small quantities is a new recovery lifestyle that involves a fundamental change in what (more…)

Persist – By preserving aspects of the new lifestyle even when we feel like giving up

Persevering even when we feel like giving up is one of the best ways of really making progress on the “long and happy journey”. Persevering makes the journey feel like it can be achieved and persevering despite feeling like giving (more…)

Eat Well – Become a very slow eater

A tried and true strategy for eating less is to become a very slow eater. Becoming a very slow eater stretches out the time we eat, which can decrease the feeling of being deprived that a number of us feel (more…)

Get Active – Fill the day with movement

We don’t have to become elite sports people to lose excess weight. But we do have to become more active in our daily lives to lose excess weight permanently and become healthier. Sitting and lying around is a killer. What we’ve got (more…)

Take Control – Face the truth

  The super guru never lies; and sometimes the truth hurts. But without knowing the truth by getting on the scales we are not in a strong position to do something about the issue of excessive weight. Just drifting and hoping (more…)

Enjoy Life – By supporting other people’s recoveries

It is very easy to just focus on ourselves; not only in our busy day-to-day life but also in our personal struggles with obesity recovery. And of course, we have to (more…)

Eat Well – Eat nature’s food and live long

The food industry exploits a human weakness for sweet foods and deliberately manipulates food products with just the right amount of sugar, fat and salt to produce highly moreish processed foods (and drinks such as Coca Cola), which are high (more…)

Persist – Keep going even when difficulties arise

This is critical. Keeping on going when difficulties arise, even when our child inside is pleading with us to give up. The “long and happy journey” of permanent weight loss is likely to be the most important thing we’ve done (more…)

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