Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Focus on the big picture

We all know we have to persist and keep going to make progress on our obesity recovery. But doing it is another thing, especially when we’re low in energy, feeling a bit stale, or finding ourselves getting paralysed by negative thinking. 

One way of keeping up our persistence is to focus on the bigger picture, the reason why we want to make progress with our obesity recovery – our health, our vitality, our life, being around for our family and friends, and to experience new things. 

So, when the journey feels a little too long; when we are feeling sick of having the same small breakfast every morning; when we feel we deserve takeaways because we’ve worked hard and are now too tired to cook a proper healthy meal; when we start talking ourselves out of going for a walk or lifting some weights; then refocusing our minds on why we are doing these things will keep us on track and give us the energy to keep going. 

Bringing to mind the bigger picture about why recovering from obesity is meaningful to us - that we want a life without weight being a limitation on what we can achieve and experience – will give us the strength to stick with it! 

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