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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Ten Steps Towards Recovery From Obesity

Below is an outline of ten steps that provide you with an opportunity to reflect on where things are at now and the direction you would like things to head.

We suggest you start with Step 1 and when you’re ready to begin, take that first step and make a deep commitment to begin the journey of transformation – recovery from obesity.

  1. I reached the point where I decided to make a fresh start to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of my life.
  1. I weighed myself and committed to this being the heaviest weight I will ever be again.
  1. I worked out how much weight I needed to lose to achieve a Body Mass Index of 29.
  1. I carefully decided how long I would take to lose the excess weight, identifying several intermediate goals on the way; remembering this is a permanent lifestyle change programme rather than a short-term weight-loss project.
  1. I began regularly weighing myself and recording the result.
  1. I found at least one other person to communicate my weight loss progress with on a regular basis.
  1. I made a commitment to live a more active everyday life, which includes at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise/activity, and pushing myself to the point of puffing hard for a few minutes, almost every day.
  1. I began reviewing my eating to ensure that my daily diet consisted mostly of whole and nutritious foods rather than high energy processed food and alcohol.
  1. I kept going and didn’t give up, even when I sometimes relapsed and found it very hard to keep on track with my eating, exercise and weight loss goals.
  1. I discovered new ways to deal with stress that did not involve eating or drinking alcohol or sugary beverages. I began really enjoying life now, rather than waiting until I have lost a lot of weight.