Kia Akina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity


mt cook, new zealandKia Ākina is a research-based community of people supporting and encouraging each other to overcome obesity through permanent lifestyle changes. We share the aim of living a better quality of life and reducing the risk of long-term health conditions and disabilities as a result of being significantly overweight.

Kia Ākina is not a short-term weight-loss programme. The aim is permanent weight-loss through long-term sustainable lifestyle changes. There is no magical diet or specified food system to follow or buy; nor is there new exercise equipment to purchase, a miracle sports programme to undertake, or religious dogma to believe.

Kia Ākina is not a “biggest loser” programme. There is no competition. Everyone is encouraged to work on their own unique recovery at their own pace, with encouragement and support (when required) from others in the network, and engaging in various research projects aimed at improving long-term outcomes.