Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity


We have learned that recovery from obesity requires each person to take some radical steps to help change eating behaviours and lifestyle in general.  Kia Ākina does not outline what these radical steps should be for any individual.  While we support members’ decisions to use evidence-based methods such as bariatric medications, bariatric surgery or fasting regimes, we primarily focus on sustainable changes to eating (both in terms of quantity and quality), buttressed by increased activity, persistence and enjoying life now 

We recognise that weight loss is difficult and the need to celebrate short and intermediate term goals (e.g. loss in weight) as well as the goal of living a worthwhile life at any stage of the journey (even if no weight loss is achieved) is important

Recovery from obesity can also be a lonely journey.  For this reason Kia Ākina is a community that aims to provide its members with ongoing support so they can navigate this journey in the way that works best for them, safe in the knowledge they are not alone and are supported by people who understand the struggles.  We are there to listen, share our own experiences, connect and support and encourage each person on their own journey.  

This section contains some information that you might find useful. These are just a few tools, tips or strategies that others in the network have found helpful.