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Take Control – Fake control

Taking control can feel like a tall order.  

For some of us it may be a new experience in life because up to now our lives have generally been somewhat chaotic and driven more by the world around us than from the world within. For others taking control can feel a tall order because we’re feeling pretty tired to start with or demoralised by previous unsuccessful attempts to take control. 

One way of thinking ourselves into being more in control or easing ourselves back into it when we’re tired or demoralised is to pretend we are in control. 

“Fake it until you make it” describes an intriguing psychological manoeuvre in which the behaviour in question is being tried on for size through imagination. And the more the behaviour is practiced like this, even though it may feel uncomfortable and pretentious to begin with, the more the behaviour will become our new genuine behaviour that happens naturally. 

How do we do it? 

Here is a step by step suggestion. 

Imagine how a person in control would behave… 

And then set out to act like that person… 

Keep doing it… 

Over time, with multiple ‘fakings’ and the expected ups and downs along the way, being in control will become a natural part of the new you. 

If you don’t feel in control, then faking being in control is an excellent Plan B. 

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