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Enjoy Life – By deliberately switching off when feeling stressed

From time to time, perhaps even several times a day, switching off and letting go of yourself can be a liberating way of dealing with stress. 

Praying used to be the main way in which people used to have this experience, but in the modern world, a range of alternative self-transcendent activities can be just as effective.  

Meditation might involve a walk in the cool of the early morning. Others like to do a breathing relaxation – in through the nose, out through the mouth, letting thoughts come, noticing them and then letting them go, and refocusing on the breathing.  

It is easy to just sit quietly and count up to 10 or 20 or even 50, breathing in and out and letting your mind wander into dream land. Some may have a saying or mantra to focus on when they are meditating such as the word “peace” or a string of words; for example “conscious-breathing-creature-living-in a-deeply-mysterious-universe” can be meditated while breathing in and out on each word,  sometimes lingering on a particular word for two or three or even 20 or 30 breaths in and out. 

Deliberately switching off like this can be very relaxing and put any stress into perspective. 

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