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Enjoy Life – By deliberately switching off when feeling stressed

From time to time, perhaps even several times a day, switching off and letting go of ourselves can be a liberating way of dealing with stress. Praying used to be the main way in which people used to have this (more…)

Eat Well – Don’t be fooled by the hidden calories in drinks

It is very easy to consume calories through drinking. An excellent new lifestyle strategy is to reduce or eliminate altogether drinks with calories in them, which basically means drinks containing sugar or alcohol or both. When thirsty, we should always (more…)

Persist – Don’t give in to the wild cats

What do you do when the craving for certain foods comes on? The more we give in to those urges and “feed the wild cats” the more they will continue to thrive and give us hell. Conversely, the more we (more…)

Eat Well – Welcome the feeling of hunger into your life

The feeling of hunger for many people with obesity is a negative one and even a frightening experience for some. A feeling of impending doom can descend at the whiff of the possibility of feeling hunger. But this feeling is (more…)

Get Active – Thank goodness we don’t have to become marathon runners

We don’t have to become marathon runners to lose weight, although if we did become a marathon runner we would probably lose a lot of weight. The problem is that if we chose this strategy we would then have to (more…)

Take Control – Being conscious of everything we eat

It’s very easy to slip food down between meals, without being fully aware of it. For some it’s even easier to consume drinks laden with calories (sugar) without really thinking of how it is maintaining (and perhaps even advancing) obesity. (more…)

Enjoy Life – Don’t get it mixed up with pursing pleasure

Striving to enjoy life is relevant for everyone – fat, skinny and in-between. But it is a particular issue for us who love food;we whose enjoyment in life can become distorted and dominated by the quest to consume pleasurable food. (more…)

Eat Well – Eat to live by dealing with NEEDNT foods

A fundamental issue about what food to eat is summed up beautifully in the age-old question:  “living to eat or eating to live?” Like breathing, eating nutritious food is a deeply satisfying necessity of life. But like drugs, NEEDNT foods, (more…)

Persist – By allowing ourselves to become genuinely hungry before eating

Here is a really important persistence exercise to try, which if we can suss will take us a good three steps forward on the long happy journey. It’s about learning to withstand the Beast grumbling inside us. When the Beast (more…)

Get Active – Leave the car in the garage

Isn’t it great to have a car – it’s so comfortable and convenient. However, along with TV, the private motor vehicle is one of the most obesigenic of all the human technologies. It takes some planning and cunning to get (more…)

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