Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Savour the flavours

What does it mean to savour food?  

To savour means to taste and enjoy the food to the full. 

We all know that weight loss and weight maintenance requires eating less, particularly eating less energy-dense food. That can sound a bit negative, particularly to a salivating reptile, who’s been trained to gollop down a large obesigenic diet. 

What we’ve got to do over time is re-train our reptile within to savour smaller meals, one small mouthful at a time, and really enjoy the smell, taste and texture of the new fresh, energy-light food. 

The task is to insert small amounts into our mouths; a teaspoon amount at a time and then chew each one deliberately to extract maximum pleasure before swallowing. 

Let’s savour our food for enjoyment, rather than use it primarily for comfort or shallow pleasure. Savour the flavours to the full. 

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