Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Endeavour to be more patient and kind

We’re humans; therefore there is a part in all of us that wants things now. 

And we’re 21st Century humans; which means we’re all bombarded with daily messages that put us at risk of living frantically busy lives in the quest to be “successful” and “the best”. We are constantly being told to be “smart”, which is often little more than taking short-cuts, hoping for magical solutions and focusing on the next five weeks rather than the next five years and beyond. 

Sustainable recovery from obesity rejects a quick-fix approach that turns weight-loss into a short-term “biggest loser” type competition. Rejecting this approach takes a certain amount of pushing against the tide of modern life and its expectations. It particularly requires us all to work on becoming more patient. 

It is the small steady patient progress (of a turtle) that will succeed in the end over the erratic behaviour (of a hare). 

Self-talk with kind tone in the voice using comments to ourselves like “patience will get me there, well done for showing patience about my weight-loss struggles today” etc. will help us develop more patience.   

The inner-child who finds it hard to wait and be patient likes to be told what to do in kind tones. 

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