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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Being conscious of everything we eat

It’s very easy to slip food down between meals, without being fully aware of it. For some it’s even easier to consume drinks laden with calories (sugar) without really thinking of how it is maintaining (and perhaps even advancing) obesity. Little snacks here and there, tiny slices of this and that add up over a day and before we know it we’ve eaten four meals rather than three. 

Another high risk time for being in a dissociated state is in the evenings, after tea, kicking back in front of TV it is easy to have a fifth meal of the day (600 calories) without even trying. 

We’re all expert at persuading ourselves (almost unconsciously) that a little slice of that or a plateful of “healthy” something else “won’t hurt” or “is deserved” or “is needed”. 

A great way of cutting through the rationalisations and self-deceptions is to write down everything that is put in the mouth and swallowed, even glasses of water. 

If we are finding it hard to lose weight, we need to take control by getting more conscious and document in black and white what we are consuming. 

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