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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Twenty minutes of moderate activity every day

The Hillary Commission has advised us to undertake 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least five days a week for health. This translates to about twenty minutes of activity every day that gets you puffing a little.  

The key is to undertake this every day. If we miss a day then that means 40 minutes the next day and adding a further 20 minutes for the next day lost and so on.  

It’s best to just build in to our regular life routine at least 20 minutes of moderate physical activity every day.  

It doesn’t have to be dedicated exercise. The heart doesn’t mind if we’re walking briskly to work, doing the hoovering or running on a treadmill.  

One of the easiest ways of getting at least 20 minutes of moderate activity every day is to leave the car in the garage and get to work by walking, biking or taking public transport. Twenty minutes of moderate exercise just happens without you having to think about it. 

And remember – thirty minutes or longer is even better. 

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