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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (content) – Eat several small, nutritious, HOMEMADE meals a day

Several small nutritious meals are easy to imagine. But homemade meals are a bit different. 

Homemade meals have almost become a quaint idea; something very old people used to do last century. But the tide is turning, as processed, fast food is being found out as a key contributor to the obesity epidemic.  

Long term sustainable recovery from obesity requires a distinct change in our lifestyles, which means the development of new healthy behaviours which suit us. Three small nutritious HOMEMADE meals a day is an excellent place to start if you’re not sure. 

“Only eat food from home” is an excellent new food rule. Another is “don’t take purse or wallet to work”. 

If you like cereal for breakfast, it is easy to put together oats and crunched up weetbix into a large plastic container, along with some nuts, seeds, raisins, coconut, and anything else wholesome and nutritious you can think of (not sugar  J ), then give it all a shake and presto! – You’ve got breakfast sorted for the week in less than ten minutes. 

A homemade lettuce salad for lunch is also a less than ten minute job in the morning or night before, which can include a little bit of any one of the 200+ vegetables that exist. Common additions to lettuce are capsicum, tomato, carrot, spinach or silverbeet from garden, and a few stuffed olives, perhaps with a dab of pesto or hummus and a few nuts and raisins thrown in. Yum! 

Dinner for most of us varies. Forget the gourmet vanity cooking on TV. Here are some simple, cheap, easy to cook options: stir-fried veges with noodles, chicken-fried rice, and any number of soups; or even simpler options such as poached eggs on toast, sardines on toast, or baked beans/mild chilli beans on toast. All of these go well with a little side salad or several microwaved veges, and a piece of fruit to finish with. And they all take less than half an hour to prepare! 

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