Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Fill the day with movement

We don’t have to become elite sports people to lose excess weight. But we do have to become more active in our daily lives to lose excess weight permanently and become healthier. Sitting and lying around is a killer.  

What we’ve got to do is spend as much of the 16 hours we’re not sleeping up on our feet, rather than sitting or lying around with our feet up. We’ve got to keep moving. 

Many of us have an obesigenic job, which involves a lot of sitting around. The trick is to make sure we’re getting up out of our chairs at every opportunity. And if the opportunity doesn’t come around every 20 minutes or so, we’ve got to create the opportunity by going for a little walk or simply get out of our chairs and do some stretches. 

Unless you’re deliberately having an enjoyable little moment of bliss, we shouldn’t lie mindlessly on the couch at home. If we’re that weary or feeling that sick we should head off to bed. 

We should endeavour to fill our waking time with doing productive things and moving our bodies. 

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