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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Five minute stretching every day

Is there anything stopping us from spending five minutes each day undertaking a set of stretches? 

Making the time to do just five minutes of stretches every day is an excellent thing to add to our new recovery lifestyles.  

Five minutes is just 0.3% of the time in a day. Think how much time we all spend sitting around watching the adverts on TV… 

Not only will we become increasingly supple over time, but we will have another reminder, a symbol, that our new lifestyle is a more active one. 

Some of us will like to do stretches first thing in the morning, others at the end of the day. Each of us will know what time is best for us. Each of us will also know what stretches we can manage to begin with and build up from there.  

There is no shortage of suggestions about possible stretches on the internet, including stretches specifically for us as obese people. Here are two excellent Youtube examples:

If five minutes really seems too much, then it’s just fine to get a two-minute routine going first. Doing the routine at the same time every day is a great way of making it into an engrained health habit. 

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