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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Take Control – Plan what to eat every day

This is a big one.  Planning what to eat every day takes energy, and because we’ve all got only so much conscious energy, it is best to work on it just one day at a time. That way we’re more (more…)

Enjoy Life – By supporting other people’s recovery

It is very easy to just focus on ourselves; not only in our busy day-to-day life but also in our personal struggles with obesity recovery. And of course, we have to focus on ourselves to recover from obesity.  But one of the really satisfying things in life is supporting others to achieve their goals. For (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Eat nature’s food and live long

The food industry exploits a human weakness for sweet foods and deliberately manipulates food products with just the right amount of sugar, fat and salt to produce highly moreish processed foods (and drinks such as Coca Cola), which are high (more…)

Persist – Keep going even when difficulties arise.

This is critical. Keeping on going when difficulties arise, even when our child inside is pleading with us to give up.  The “long and happy journey” of permanent weight loss is likely to be the most important thing we’ve done in our life so far, but equally (more…)

Eat Well (process) – How much food do we really need?

The best way of losing weight is to stop eating altogether. But that is a recipe for ill-health and premature death, the opposite of what we’re aiming for on the long and happy journey. The next step down is radically (more…)

Get Active – Deliberately build in more activity

When you think about it, we New Zealanders live pretty inactive lives. Just walking three blocks can seem a long way to many people. But our bodies need movement and our hearts love to pump it up a bit. We (more…)

Take Control – Using our brain’s ‘higher power’

Taking control is about conscious thinking; using the brain muscle just above the eyebrows, our brain’s Higher Power, and using that to guide our behaviour rather than the primitive child-reptile in the deeper recesses of our mind. Our brain’s Higher (more…)

Enjoy Life – By being an encouraging parent to ourselves

A sure way of beginning to enjoy life now is to become more encouraging to ourselves, (being a good parent to ourselves.) Struggles and disappointments are part of everyone’s regular life, which can undermine our enjoyment and contentment. Having an (more…)

Eat Well (Content) – Eat much less sugar

When we reduce the number of foods on the NEEDNT Foods List (NEEDNT is an acronym for Non-Essential, Energy-Dense, Nutritionally-deficienT), we automatically eat much less sugar, because sugar is a very common additive in processed food. Sugar can be a (more…)

Persist – Relapses are almost inevitable.

Relapses are some of the best learning opportunities. But relapses can also be very demoralising and make us feel the recovery journey is a “long, miserable and impossible journey”. The trick is to pick ourselves up as quickly as we (more…)

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