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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Get Active – Leave the car in the garage

One of the things that I have noticed as we have moved into level 3 is the huge increase of cars on our roads and the huge decrease of people walking, biking, scooting.  Timely reminder to consider leaving the car in (more…)

Take Control – Consciously develop a new anti-obesity lifestyle

To develop a new anti-obesity lifestyle is to start undertaking it on a daily basis. Then bit by bit it becomes so ingrained we do it without thinking.  That needs conscious thought on a daily basis while the new behaviours are not yet second nature (like (more…)

Enjoy Life – By going out of your way to help someone

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, the “golden rule” or “ethic of reciprocity” is a principle that is common to all the great religions and embraced by many cultures. Doing things for others is also one of the key strategies (more…)

Eat Well – Conquer the see-food diet

Yes, the “see-food” diet is when we just eat everything we see in front of ourselves. We don’t have to think with the “see-food diet”. It’s a fantastic diet for maintaining obesity. But recovery from obesity needs conscious thinking, particularly countering the “see-food diet”.  A large plate of food sitting in front of us can (more…)

Persist – Don’t give in to urges to eat – have a Plan B

We all know about feeling hungry when we’re not actually physiologically hungry at all. We’ve got our wires crossed.  But the trouble is we’ve done a lot of practice eating to cope with feeling bored, stressed, angry, lonely, sad, or (more…)

Eat Well – Eat a little less every day

The reptile hates seeing the words – “Eat Less” – the reptile always wants to eat more.  The “long and happy” journey of weight-loss can be really tough at times. When we’ve trained the reptile inside to overeat, it begins to expect to (more…)

Get Active – Fill the day with movement

We don’t have to become elite sports people to lose excess weight. But we do have to become more active in our daily lives to lose excess weight permanently and become healthier. Sitting and lying around is a killer.   What we’ve got to do is spend as much of the 16 hours we’re not (more…)

Take Control – Write Down a Current Plan

There’s nothing quite like putting down on paper what is in our heads. Not only does writing down our plans help us work out what our plans actually are, but once we’ve got them down on paper we’ve got an external reminder which can keep us on track so we achieve (more…)

Enjoy Life – By turning off the stress

Being on the journey of permanent weight loss takes a lot of energy; conscious energy. And sometimes it feels like too much energy is required to keep going.   So what can we do when the stress gets to breaking point?  A great strategy is deliberately (more…)

Eat Well – Eat a high-fibre diet

Eating well means eating for nutrition rather than eating for comfort.   One of the hallmarks of eating well is consuming a high fibre diet. Fibre is sometimes also called roughage.    Fibre consists of the parts of plants that can’t be digested (by humans), mainly cellulose.    A (more…)

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