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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Persist – By allowing ourselves to become genuinely hungry before eating

Here is a really important persistence exercise to try, which if we can suss will take us a good three steps forward on the long happy journey.  It’s about learning to withstand the Beast grumbling inside us. When the Beast (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Eat several small, nutritious, HOMEMADE meals a day

Several small nutritious meals are easy to imagine. But homemade meals are a bit different.  Homemade meals have almost become a quaint idea; something very old people used to do last century. But the tide is turning, as processed, fast (more…)

Get Active – Fill the day with movement

We don’t have to become elite sports people to lose excess weight. But we do have to become more active in our daily lives to lose excess weight permanently and become healthier. Sitting and lying around is a killer.   What we’ve got (more…)

Take Control – Routines and reality

There’s something very real about standing on the scales and checking your weight.   Becoming overweight requires a certain neglect; and part of this neglect is being dissociated from the reality of slowly putting on unnecessary fat. Becoming overweight requires us (more…)

Enjoy Life – Put gratefulness at the core of your recovery lifestyle

Recovery from obesity is only possible with a new sustainable lifestyle that has been assembled carefully through various experimentations, and then practiced and practiced until it becomes second nature and happens without conscious thinking. This process is what is referred (more…)

Eat Well (process) – Become a picky eater

Picky eating is not something we foodies tend to do naturally, so trying to become a more discerning eater is going to need a little concentration. Becoming a picky eater goes against the grain because many of us, perhaps even (more…)

Persist – Don’t give in to urges to eat – have a Plan B

We all know about feeling hungry when we’re not actually physiologically hungry at all. We’ve got our wires crossed.  But the trouble is we’ve done a lot of practice eating to cope with feeling bored, stressed, angry, lonely, sad, or (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Keep NEEDNT foods to a minimum

It is hard to imagine how anyone could lose weight if they continue to regularly eat high energy foods, unless they’re exercising hard for hours every day, like someone training for a marathon.   By either avoiding all non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient (more…)

Get Active – Leave the car in the garage

Isn’t it great to have a car – it’s so comfortable and convenient.  However, along with TV, the private motor vehicle is one of the most obesigenic of all the human technologies.  It takes some planning and cunning to get (more…)

Take Control – Write down a current plan

There’s nothing quite like putting down on paper what is in our heads. Not only does writing down our plans help us work out what our plans actually are, but once we’ve got them down on paper we’ve got an (more…)

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