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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Take Control – Take control especially when hungry, angry, lonely or tired

HALT – Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired  This is a well-known easy to remember list of conditions which make it harder than usual to resist cravings to eat food. It is straight out of the tried and true set of AA wise sayings.   In the (more…)

Enjoy Life – Use music rather than food to change our bad moods

Rather than turning to food for comfort when a bad mood strikes we need to find   new healthy ways of coping.  One of these is music. For most of us it is listening to music but for some (really lucky ones) it (more…)

Persist – By keeping the ultimate question in mind

There is only a certain amount of conscious-ego-energy to go around and when other stresses come upon us, the amount left over for obesity recovery can easily get squeezed out of the door.  During these times it is important to keep (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Replace high energy treat food with low energy nutritious food

Recovery from obesity requires a fundamental change in what we eat.  But the details of the fundamental change is likely to be different for each person. So it’s hard, if not impossible, to prescribe an obesity recovery food plan that will suit.  This is the exciting thing about obesity recovery (more…)

Get Active – Any small increase in activity counts

To rely on increased activity alone is a very hard way to lose weight. The most efficient way to do it is to reduce food (fuel) consumption. However, getting more active is an absolute must not only for maintaining the lost weight, but for enhancing our general health and well-being, which (more…)

Take Control – Take little steps

Who hasn’t abandoned their grand list of New Year’s resolutions by the time Easter eggs are decorating the supermarket shelves? It is not enough to make a wish list of lifestyle transformations. To make these transformations happen we must create plans involving small and achievable steps.  Too often big unwieldly plans get lost in the (more…)

Enjoy Life – Forgive early and forgive often

It is impossible to go through life without being let down, hurt or even bullied and abused by other people. In fact, it is very hard to go through one day without something happening that hurts in some way.  Such is life!  When we get (more…)

Persist – It’s not a quick-fix

Kia Ākina is not a short-term weight-loss project, like a Biggest Loser competition.   Short-term projects are quick-fix pseudo-solutions, which don’t produce recovery from obesity or result in a happier more contented life in the longer term. Instead they generally result in a worsening of (more…)

Eat Well – Eat simple evening meals

Evening eating is a major problem for many of us on the journey of obesity recovery.  The beginning of the day goes well; even through to lunchtime and a little beyond. Eating is under control and the quality of the food consumed (more…)

Get Active – Commit to an active life

Modern life offers increasing levels of comfort and convenience, so moving around under our own steam is perhaps viewed by many as old-fashioned.   An obesity recovery lifestyle is an active lifestyle in which we move as much as we can under our own steam. However, this lifestyle doesn’t (more…)

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