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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Weekly Messages

Persist – Don’t give in to urges to eat – have a Plan B

We all know about feeling hungry when we’re not actually physiologically hungry at all. We’ve got our wires crossed.  But the trouble is we’ve done a lot of practice eating to cope with feeling bored, stressed, angry, lonely, sad, or (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Keep NEEDNT foods to a minimum

It is hard to imagine how anyone could lose weight if they continue to regularly eat high energy foods, unless they’re exercising hard for hours every day, like someone training for a marathon.   By either avoiding all non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient (more…)

Get Active – Leave the car in the garage

Isn’t it great to have a car – it’s so comfortable and convenient.  However, along with TV, the private motor vehicle is one of the most obesigenic of all the human technologies.  It takes some planning and cunning to get (more…)

Take Control – Write down a current plan

There’s nothing quite like putting down on paper what is in our heads. Not only does writing down our plans help us work out what our plans actually are, but once we’ve got them down on paper we’ve got an (more…)

Enjoy Life – By replacing passive pleasures with active ones

We all face a modern mantra – that unless we’re consuming a pleasure product we can’t possibly be enjoying life.  Passive pleasures such as relaxing in front of TV, consuming hedonic food, using drugs including alcohol, and frequenting shopping malls, (more…)

Eat Well (process)- Today is an excellent day to begin

We all want to get more control of our eating and recover from obesity.   A tried and true strategy to achieve this is to eat pre-planned nutritious meals every day and not take on any calories between meals. Today is a (more…)

Persist – Take a long-term view, but live one day at a time

Focussing on the big picture needs a good dollop of persistence and patience, while we continue to work on weight-loss, one day at a time. Like everything else that is practiced over and over, it gets easier with time.  When (more…)

Eat Well (content) – Eat a high-fibre diet

Eating well means eating for nutrition rather than eating for comfort.   One of the hallmarks of eating well is consuming a high fibre diet. Fibre is sometimes also called roughage.   Fibre consists of the parts of plants that can’t be (more…)

Get Active – Simple exercise facilitates recovery

Don’t let another day go by without increasing your activity in some way.  We don’t have to become an ultra-distance runner, or a runner of any sort for that matter, to recover from obesity. But increasing the general activity levels (more…)

Take Control – Consciously develop a new anti-obesity lifestyle

To develop a new anti-obesity lifestyle is to start undertaking it on a daily basis. Then bit by bit it becomes so ingrained we do it without thinking.  That needs conscious thought on a daily basis while the new behaviours are not yet second nature (like (more…)

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