Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – Put gratefulness at the core of your recovery lifestyle

Recovery from obesity is only possible with a new sustainable lifestyle that has been assembled carefully through various experimentations, and then practiced and practiced until it becomes second nature and happens without conscious thinking. This process is what is referred to as the long and happy journey. 

But this new lifestyle will not be a completely new one. There are many things that are already existent in our lives that form the structure for our new recovery lifestyle. 

These positive things might include close family members, special friends, satisfying work and captivating hobbies and interests. It may also include personal attributes such as the ability to laugh at oneself, have strong teeth or smooth skin, be empathic and caring towards others, have a strong spirituality, be a good problem solver, or be an optimistic person etc. 

Putting gratefulness at the core of our lives means taking a little time each day, perhaps at the beginning and ending of each day, thinking and feeling grateful for the positive things we have in our lives.  

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