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Eat Well (process) – Become a picky eater

Picky eating is not something we foodies tend to do naturally, so trying to become a more discerning eater is going to need a little concentration. Becoming a picky eater goes against the grain because many of us, perhaps even most of us, love putting a lot of food in our mouths. And most of us it would seem, were also brought up to eat everything on our plates.  

We’re foodies, who love food; like alcoholics love alcohol.  

The feeling of a full mouth and a full stomach is a very pleasant feeling, and for some of us, a deeply comforting feeling. 

We could do well to take a leaf out of ‘The Slim Peoples’ Book of Picky Eating’. Perhaps you have already noticed how a lot of slim people eat. If you haven’t then some observational field work could help a lot. Many of them fiddle with the food on their plate rather than shovel it in. When slim people eat they often appear as interested in talking to others at the table as eating their food. At times they might just poke the food or push it around the plate, almost disdainfully and then occasionally take a mouthful. In contrast, we take eating very seriously and feel excited rather than mildly bored by food. Consuming the food is the over-riding number one thing to be accomplished for us. 

We could do well to become more picky in our eating and cultivate a greater “take it or leave it” mentality to food.  

A good exercise to practice is deliberately leaving something on our plate every time we eat. 

We tend to be people who virtually lick our plates clean every time we eat (and some of us do just that!) whereas slim people generally seem to be quite relaxed at leaving some of the food behind. 

Perhaps there is a lesson for us here – to put less value on our food and become pickier in our eating.

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