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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Don’t give in to urges to eat – have a Plan B

We all know about feeling hungry when we’re not actually physiologically hungry at all. We’ve got our wires crossed. 

But the trouble is we’ve done a lot of practice eating to cope with feeling bored, stressed, angry, lonely, sad, or whatever, and that hungry feeling can be a very strong urge, especially when we are feeling tired by the struggles of lifestyle change and life in general. 

One of the best ways of coping with false hunger urges and not succumbing to them is to plan ahead and have a Plan B up our sleeve ready to go. 

We know our own high-risk times in the day that can trip us up; times when we end up eating stuff we later regret. We can avoid that by thinking about an alternative to gobbling extra food to cope with those situations. 

Plan B is a deliberate, consciously worked out strategy, which we might even write down to begin with to signal to the reptile within what to expect. 

It might be to have a more modest amount of food at a high-risk mealtime planned out in advance, or specifically not having something we might normally eat during that meal. It might be having an apple or other fruit for “pudding”. 

Plan B might also be doing something other than sitting passively watching TV if our high-risk urge time is after tea when relaxing. This is a common high-risk time when voices from the kitchen begin to call. 

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