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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (content) – Keep NEEDNT foods to a minimum

It is hard to imagine how anyone could lose weight if they continue to regularly eat high energy foods, unless they’re exercising hard for hours every day, like someone training for a marathon. 

By either avoiding all non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient (NEEDNT) foods or only eating them in small quantities we can take a big step towards developing and maintaining a recovery lifestyle. 
The challenge is that NEEDNT foods can be the most satisfying, pleasurable and comforting foods to eat in the short-term. Anyone who is obese has most likely, for their own unique reasons, practiced and practiced eating them so much and for so long they have become a seemingly essential part of life. 
Often the thought of eliminating these foods altogether brings on an intense feeling of grief and deprivation that is similar to how someone with severe alcoholism often feels when they begin to realise they need to put a permanent stop to drinking alcohol. 
No one knows how many of the 50 NEEDNT foods need to be eliminated for any given person or even if they need to be eliminated altogether. But it is clear that new food rules involving a permanent reduction of these NEEDNT foods, if not complete avoidance of them altogether, is an excellent strategy for recovery from obesity. 

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