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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Leave the car in the garage

Isn’t it great to have a car – it’s so comfortable and convenient. 

However, along with TV, the private motor vehicle is one of the most obesigenic of all the human technologies. 

It takes some planning and cunning to get to work without using our private motor vehicles, which is why most people don’t do it. 

Our cars are “mobile lounges”; quite magnificent machines. We only have to walk about 10 paces and there it is waiting for us; and at the turn of a switch we’re off – warm, comfy, radio entertaining and distracting us from the tense congested road outside and before we know it we’re there.  

Our “mobile lounges” travel so fast, it makes us feel as if we’re actually exercising. 

Driving a car makes us feel like kings and queens; but doing it all the time is contributing to an early grave. 

If we leave the car at home most days, we are guaranteed to get fitter, feel better and maintain any weight loss we achieve through addressing the amount of food we are eating. 

Is it time to do the experiment and leave the car at home for a month? 

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