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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Write down a current plan

There’s nothing quite like putting down on paper what is in our heads. Not only does writing down our plans help us work out what our plans actually are, but once we’ve got them down on paper we’ve got an external reminder which can keep us on track so we achieve our current plans. 

Writing down a current plan puts us in control. 

We may have quite a few different things we want to try in order to change our lifestyles, and it may feel overwhelming at times how many things we feel we need to change. However, by writing down a current plan, let’s say for the next three months for starters, our thoughts will become more ordered and several priorities will emerge. 

It’s probably best to not have more than about three or four new things (experiments) going on at any given time.  

Writing down a current plan also has the benefit of symbolising a commitment to the plans. It’s putting it out there to ourselves. Telling others takes that process one step further and not only will consolidate our own commitment to the plans but will be of benefit to others as they think about their own plans for lifestyle change.  

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