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Enjoy Life – By replacing passive pleasures with active ones

We all face a modern mantra – that unless we’re consuming a pleasure product we can’t possibly be enjoying life. 

Passive pleasures such as relaxing in front of TV, consuming hedonic food, using drugs including alcohol, and frequenting shopping malls, can easily take our lives over as we answer the call of the marketers. A major downside to these activities in the end is a lack of energy and a feeling of emptiness.  

A bit of struggle, effort, concentration, activity, and thought are great antidotes to passive pleasures with all their seductive convenience and comfort.  

If you’re not already engaged in some of the following activities on a daily basis, give them a go and see your enjoyment of life improve: read good books; play face-to-face games; listen to uplifting music; go for walks under trees away from the road; inspect the garden and smell the air; cook something new; – the list of active pleasures is endless. 

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