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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process)- Today is an excellent day to begin

We all want to get more control of our eating and recover from obesity.  

A tried and true strategy to achieve this is to eat pre-planned nutritious meals every day and not take on any calories between meals. Today is a good day to begin.  

If we practice doing this for about four months solid, allowing no room for any “ifs, buts or maybes” it will become second nature.  

At the start most of us are likely to experience some feelings of deprivation from time to time, but these will pass, especially when we reframe them as positive steps towards recovery.  

A dab of milk in coffee or tea would be negligible calories but added sugar and/or drinks made of milk throughout the day could be adding a third to your overall calorie intake between meals. 

We’re all very prone to magical thinking. Eating half a biscuit or having a sneaky latte here and there is taking on fuel (eating) between meals.  

So if we’re serious about recovery from obesity long-term (and we are!) this is something that has to be consigned to our past life of living it up, being obese and risking an early grave. 

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