Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Dissolve a little surplus fat each day by eating a little less

The obesity reptile within hates seeing these words – “Eat Less” – because the obesity reptile always wants to eat more.

When the obesity reptile has been trained to overeat, it begins to expect to be overfed for the rest of its life, and when it’s not being seriously overfed trouble (cravings) begin.

This is why eating a little less every day is such a good strategy. You can slip “a little less” in front of the reptile without it hardly noticing.

Take a minute or two to reflect on a current strategy (or strategies) for how you can feed your obesity reptile a little less each day.

Eating a little less means that every day we will be dissolving a little of our surplus fat.

Every little bit of food we don’t eat is a step in the right direction.

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