Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well – Eat a little less every day

The reptile hates seeing the words – “Eat Less” – the reptile always wants to eat more. 

The “long and happy” journey of weight-loss can be really tough at times. When we’ve trained the reptile inside to overeat, it begins to expect to be overfed for the rest of its life. And when the reptile inside is not being overfed the nagging and even screaming (craving) can be unbearable. 

This is why eating a little less every day is such a positive and doable strategy. We can virtually slip a “little less” in front of the reptile without it knowing. 

Take a minute or two to reflect on strategies we can easily adopt that will encourage us to eat a little less every day in order to lose a little of that surplus fat. 

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