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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well – Limit recreational food to improve your life expectancy

Being obese, particularly being morbidly obese, is hastening death. Research indicates that even being reasonably fit while being obese doesn’t have a great impact on improving life expectancy. You have to lose weight to really improve life expectancy, and in so doing quality of life is improved. 

The trouble is we’ve practiced overeating recreational food to the point of it now being a compulsive habit embedded in our brains; and every day of the year there are too many opportunities for indulging in our pleasurable addictions. On special occasions, when a festive table is piled with tempting treats loaded in sugar and fat, everyone else is indulging as well, so our addictive behaviour can almost pass as normal behaviour. 

But we know what is really happening. 

To break our addictions we must develop a new attitude towards food, especially recreational food. Now is the time to get tough, make some changes and look forward to a better, longer life. 

Some of us can eat certain recreational foods without overeating or bingeing, but all of us have to be vigilant and either put a predetermined limit on recreational food through a “food rule”, or avoid it altogether. 

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