Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Only eat planned meals

It is important to be organised and plan ahead in order to make serious progress with recovery from obesity.  

Without conscious decision-making around food, people with a genetic makeup that efficiently turns food into fat (i.e. all of us) will become obese and remain obese. This is because of the abundance of food just about everywhere we go and on any day of the year in modern New Zealand. 

So a great strategy we may want to turn into a strict Food Rule is to only eat what we’ve planned to eat.  

The first decision to make with food planning is how many meals we are going to have in a day. A meal is an eating occasion during which we consciously nourish the body with nutritious healthy food. This is “eating to live”, rather than “living to eat”. 

The number of meals can vary for different people. Any more than three meals risks overstimulating insulin which is the main hormone locking up our fat stores. Eating outside of the pre-determined food plan is called snacking or ”recreational eating” – eating purely for pleasure rather than nourishment.  

If progress towards our next weight loss goal is stalling, and we’ve only eaten meals we’ve planned to eat, then attention to portion size during these meals will be necessary, or alternatively try out some intermittent fasting. 

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