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Get Active – Develop a new mind-set

Opportunities to be more active and move from living a “sedentary” life to an “active” life present themselves every day.

Moving from a “sedentary” lifestyle to an “active” lifestyle simply requires increasing the number of steps we take each day from about 5000 to about 10,000.

Here are those categories again:

However, the trick is to develop a new mind-set that welcomes those 5000 new steps into our life rather than see them as a burden or a chore. 

A good place to start doubling our daily steps is to be on our feet for as much of the day and evening as we can rather than sitting or lying down at every opportunity.  Turn things around by taking every opportunity to increase our activity and finding a new enjoyment angle on being more active.

If someone wants something, be the one to get it. If a small job needs to be done, be the active volunteer. If you’ve got a sit-down job (like a lot of us have) schedule a stand up and even a stretch or deliberate little walk down the corridor every twenty minutes or so.

Subtly become a more active person by welcoming opportunities as they arise. Walk everywhere, take the stairs, park the car down the road, even better leave the car (mobile lounge) in the garage and take the bus, resist the urge to sit down all the time – stay on your feet as much as you can.

Being more active is an excellent strategy for maintaining weight-loss; but more importantly, being more active enhances our overall health whatever weight we are and improves our mood. Is there any better motivation to change our mind set and double the number of steps we take each day?

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