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Get Active – Rev the motor every day

There is evidence that two sorts of increased activity are good for weight loss, weight maintenance and well-being. They are: 

1. At least 20 minutes of moderate exercise/activity every day; and 

2. Giving the motor a bit of a rev every day. 

We will know if we’ve revved the motor because we will be puffing and our heart will be obviously beating. When was the last time you had this wonderful experience? 

A simple way of revving the motor is a small two-minute test that is often used in research. It’s called the two-minute step test. All you do is march on the spot for two minutes. For each step aim as best you can to get your knees up so your thighs are parallel to the ground. Go as fast as you can without overdoing it. Remember the key to this is revving the motor every day. So don’t do so much today that you will be too tired or sore to do it again tomorrow.  You might like to count the number of steps you do in two-minutes and over time see if you can increase these. 

At the end of the two minutes it is wonderful to lie on the floor or just sit down, close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of your heart beating away and getting your breath back. 

You may know a better way to rev your motor and get that excellent feeling of being really alive. 

It is easy to convince ourselves that we are far too busy for any organised exercise. However, the great feeling you can enjoy from revving the motor like this will be enough to make you look forward to the next time. And two or three minutes is a very very small proportion of the 24 hours of each day. If revving your motor every day seems too much of a commitment immediately, try several times a week to begin with. 

Short bursts of intense exercise like this does the body a power of good, especially when combined with a more generally active life. 

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