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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Simple exercise facilitates recovery

Don’t let another day go by without increasing your activity in some way. 

We don’t have to become an ultra-distance runner, or a runner of any sort for that matter, to recover from obesity. But increasing the general activity levels in our lifestyle will do three things to help us recover from obesity and improve our health. 

1. Daily exercise facilitates weight-loss.  

Although decreasing the amount of overall calories is the most efficient way of losing weight, increasing general activity can also make a good contribution, especially when combined with caloric reduction. 

2. Daily exercise is good for maintaining weight-loss. 

Although not the best way of losing weight, increasing general activity is arguably the best way of maintaining weight-loss, which of course is what the ultimate aim is – a steady BMI of 29 or less. 

3. Daily exercise improves general health.  

This is the most important reason for increasing the general activity in our everyday lifestyle. In fact, a fit overweight (non-obese) person will be generally healthier and more energetic than an unfit person of normal weight.  

It is common for people to think they are far too busy to find more time in an already crowded schedule for exercise yet it could be as simple as going for walks; and the further away from roads the better. This can take a bit of organising but almost always will be guaranteed to give a thrill. Regular long walks like this with similarly minded friends will benefit us in many ways.  

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