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Take Control – Beware of the see-food diet

The see-food diet is probably the commonest diet in New Zealand. Remember two-thirds of New Zealanders are overweight. So the see-food diet is an obesigenic diet. If we want to maintain obesity (which we don’t!) the see-food diet is the one for us.  

The see-food diet consists of allowing ourselves to eat anything in sight. If the food is there it gets eaten. The see-food diet is also generally accompanied by a carefree Kiwi attitude. The day isn’t particularly planned in terms of food intake. There may be some general routines, but little specific planning goes into each day’s food intake. 

The antidote to the see-food diet is to take control and develop a daily food plan. This means planning as precisely as you can, what you are going to eat on a daily basis. 

An easy structure to a daily food plan is to eat three small nutritious homemade meals every day with no snacking between meals and avoiding NEEDNT foods (NEEDNT is an acronym for Non-Essential, Energy-Dense, Nutritionally-deficienT). This sounds simple in theory… 

In practice, it is too easy for us to slip into the see-food diet because food is all around us. We must stay vigilant and be on the look-out in order to avoid being sucked in by the see-food diet. 

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