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Eat Well – Be kind to your digestive organs

Here’s something you may not have thought about recently.

What makes your oesophagus and stomach happy?

a. One large piece of unchewed steak

b. Two moderate pieces of unchewed toast

c. Three small pieces of unchewed anything

d. Blended soup

The mouth is where digestion begins, something you don’t think about every day, and ideally the aim of chewing is to convert whatever has been placed in the mouth into a blended soup. Blended soup is smooth and easy to transport down through the oesophagus and is smooth and easy for the stomach to begin to do its thing of further digestion. Smooth and easy is what makes the oesophagus and stomach purr.

Our job is to turn food we eat into a blended soup before swallowing, which happens to be an extraordinarily pleasurable activity.

One of the tragic (and ironic) things about being a compulsive overeater is that the pleasure associated with tasting and fully appreciating the texture and flavours of quality nutritious food is seldom experienced.

Taking time to really appreciate food by chewing it thoroughly gives us, as obesity recoverers, much more of a chance of feeling satisfied while still only eating a relatively small amount of food.

Be kind to your digestive organs and your digestive organs will be kind to you.

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