Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (content) – Eat nature’s food and live long

The food industry exploits a human weakness for sweet foods and deliberately manipulates food products with just the right amount of sugar, fat and salt to produce highly moreish processed foods (and drinks such as Coca Cola), which are high in calories but low in nutrition. These drug-foods are really compelling. They are pleasurable to consume but also very comforting (in the short-term) when feeling stressed. Compulsive eating of NEEDNT foods (NEEDNT is an acronym for Non-Essential, Energy-Dense, Nutritionally-deficienT) is a dominating feature in the lifestyle of most people with obesity. 

Getting these foods under control is generally the most important thing to do to recover from obesity. Many find that the best way to kick start regaining control of these foods is to abstain from them altogether if not forever at least for a short period of time.  

Once this control has been regained we may want to experiment with eating small controlled quantities of NEEDNT foods on special occasions. We will want to keep this balanced with our new healthier eating pattern involving much less processed foods and proportionally more vegetables and fruit. When doing this we need to remember it takes about four months of practicing a new routine every day for it to become consolidated into our recovery lifestyle. So we need to be patient and give ourselves time to establish these new ways of eating.   

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