Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Keep going even when difficulties arise.

This is critical. Keeping on going when difficulties arise, even when our child inside is pleading with us to give up. 

The “long and happy journey” of permanent weight loss is likely to be the most important thing we’ve done in our life so far, but equally the hardest thing. So it’s not surprising there are going to be some really challenging moments along the way. 

Persevering with new ways of eating, with new rules about what not to eat, with increasing our activity levels on a daily basis, with pursuing real happiness in our life now rather than waiting until we’re 20kg lighter, and with taking conscious control every day until it becomes second nature, takes guts and energy. 

Persistence is the key, with a good dollop of kindness towards ourselves. 

When the going does get tough, a good thing to do, if possible, is reframe it as an opportunity to practice showing our inner child that we can master the difficulty confronting us, even when we are feeling a bit negative. 

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