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Eat Well – Knock all added sugar on the head

Whether it be the paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the Ketogenic diet or any other diet, we can be sure that each diet craze will be followed in time by another fandangled cure-all diet. If any new magical diet has celebrity endorsement, know it is a fad making someone else a lot of money.  

Having said that, many crazes and fads do have an element of truth in them, and the element of truth in the paleo diet for example is the elimination of processed, sugar-added food. 

The NEEDNT foods list (NEEDNT is an acronym for Non-Essential, Energy-Dense, Nutritionally-deficienT) describes these sugar laden processed foods: biscuits, cakes, chocolate, desserts/puddings, drinking chocolate/milo, tinned fruit, jam, marmalade, muffins, soft drinks, added sugar to anything, sweets/lollies.  

If we’re able to eliminate all those foods out of our diet, we’ll go ahead in leaps and bounds on our journey of obesity recovery. 

Added sugar brings about high rises in blood sugar, which stimulate surges of insulin from the pancreas, which sooner or later begins to fail and is the basis for Type 2 diabetes. 

By knocking added sugar on the head and eating small quantities of nutritious natural food instead, the surges in the hormone insulin will cease, our pancreas will begin purring again, and our health will improve. 

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