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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – When the going gets tough, go into first gear

Sometimes the journey feels easy – the strategies are in place, the weight is steadily coming off, the cravings have vanished. Everything is ka pai! 

These are times to enjoy and savour because for the rest of the time there can be quite a lot of tension and struggle, particularly during the first few years; and from time to time the going gets really tough – the strategies feel impossible, the weight is not only not reducing but has gone up a bit and the cravings are killing us. 

Dealing with these tough times brings the best out in us like nothing else if we can keep going and persevere, even if we are grinding it out in first gear and only making very small progress.  

Grinding it out, in first gear if necessary, is one of the most important ways of keeping going on the journey of permanent weight loss. 

Everyone can put up a tent when the sun is shining and there is no wind. Pitching it in the rain when the breeze is up is a real test. 

We all finally learnt how to walk by keeping going even though we were frustrated at tipping over and not being able to do what others around us seemed to be able to do easily. We all persisted and got there in the end. Same with recovery from obesity.  

Be prepared to go into first gear when the going gets tough and grind it out like your life depends upon it; which it does! 

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