Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Become a regimental eater

Regimental eater sounds like something out of the military doesn’t it? – strict, rigid, disciplined, and ordered. 

And this is exactly what is required to recover from the laissez-faire recreational eating which often characterises the eating style underlying obesity – no rules, eating whatever is there, eating whenever one feels like it, with little thought at the time and little planning before-hand. 

A regimental approach is going to feel a bit strange if we’re not used to it, which is the same for anything you’re trying to change or improve.  

If we attempt to change our golf swing, swimming stroke, playing the piano or simply change an engrained habit like taking the bus instead of the car to work then the new behaviour is going to feel a bit strange to begin with. If it doesn’t then we aren’t changing much.  

Changing from dissociated out of control eating to a mindful regimental style will feel strange for a couple of weeks. Then slowly over the next few months it will become a routine and our new normal way of being. 

A common objection to taking a regimental approach to eating is that it takes too much time. Fair enough; but is the person with no time to plan their daily eating watching any television (the number one great time waster), or engaged in any other time-wasting activities?  

Another common objection to taking a more regimental approach is that it takes too much energy. Also fair enough as an objection because we’ve all got limited energy, particularly if we have others who depend on us; but where on the list of life priorities does recovery from obesity and improved health and life-expectancy come? 

Give away recreational eating and replace it with regimental eating.

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