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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Don’t freak yourself out

Our challenge is to eat less calories to recover from obesity.

However, suddenly eating a lot less will put the body into an energy-conserving state, in which the desire for more food increases and the body’s metabolism begins to slow down to conserve energy.

The trick is to not freak the body out by suddenly eating a lot less.

The predictability of regular meals will keep the body purring and happy. The cunning thing is to reduce the portion sizes bit by bit.

Reducing portion sizes is one of the best food strategies there is.

Another is not eating between meals.

So if we’ve either piled up the plate (or had it piled up for us, we must make a conscious deliberate decision to not eat all the food on the plate. Every bit of unneeded food we don’t eat is good.

And if we slip up and have a biscuit between meals, we don’t need to be too harsh on ourselves. Remember the six biscuits we used to eat in the past, and feel good about the five we didn’t eat this time.

Every biscuit and piece of cake and slice of pizza and… we don’t eat is good.

Every bit of the oversize portion we put aside and don’t eat is good.

Gentle reduction in our portion sizes and ending snacking won’t freak ourselves out.

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