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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Driving the car is a luxury

Recovering from obesity doesn’t mean the end of luxuries. But it does involve becoming aware of how much of our modern daily life involves consuming luxuries. And there is no greater luxury than using private motor vehicles, which for many of us is an everyday occurrence.

One of the easiest ways of getting the minimum 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day is to stop using the car so much. And one of the best ways of not using the car so much is to get to work under our own steam; either walking, biking or other. Taking public transport is excellent because it almost always involves a little trit-trot at the beginning from home to the bus stop and/or at the end of the trip from bus to work.

Most of us live more than a 30 minute walk away from work, and for some of us the risk of biking and/or the lack of public transport makes not taking the car for at least some of the journey impossible. But we have the option of driving our mobile lounge only part of the way. If we leave the car 10-15 minutes brisk walk from work then we’ve cunningly worked out our daily moderate exercise needs right there. Sorted! No gyms, no complicated exercise regimes before or after work, and keeping the car luxury to a minimum.

The more we think of taking the car as a luxury to be used only occasionally the better it will be for our health and recovery. Taking the car is a treat, best kept for special occasions, or when we really really need to use it.

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