Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well – Use small plates and cutlery

A good way to ensure we eat a little less is to use smaller plates and eat the food with smaller cutlery – like a small person. It’s hard to shovel food in with a teaspoon!  And using a smaller plate makes it hard to pile on a mountain of food. 

Using a smaller plate and smaller cutlery will help us feel like we are not being deprived. The plate still looks full and it takes a long time to eat it with small cutlery. 

Recovery from obesity involves leaving behind the old obesigenic lifestyle. Part of that old pathological lifestyle for many of us is shoving large amounts of food into our mouths and not chewing it much before swallowing, feeding the desire to feel full and extended.  

Placing small amounts of food into the mouth and chewing each one down to blended soup before swallowing is a radical change, and getting used to finishing a meal without feeling stuffed is a major shift. These new behaviours and experiences can take some time to get used to.  

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