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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – By being an encouraging parent to ourselves

A sure way of beginning to enjoy life now is to become more encouraging to ourselves, (being a good parent to ourselves.) Struggles and disappointments are part of everyone’s regular life, which can undermine our enjoyment and contentment. Having an encouraging, supportive parent on board is the antidote.

There are two extremes of poor parenting. A harsh internal parent which beats ourselves up for not being good enough, including not making worthy progress with weight loss. Children are never good enough for harsh parents. Nothing is good enough than perfection.

At the other end of the parenting spectrum is being a laissez faire parent which is just as destructive for creating happiness. The inner laissez faire parent either turns a blind eye or is full of excuses and rationalisations – excuses like “you’re going through a lot of stress at present” or rationalisations like “you’ve got to die of something” when it comes to obesity. The inner laissez faire parent never does anything to stop the slide.

A good inner parent doesn’t let things slide. A good inner parent is active in setting boundaries and monitors progress, while at the same time is reassuring, comforting and encouraging about the struggle. If progress isn’t great, then a good inner parent thinks about how to initiate a fresh start and is always encouraging.

Having an encouraging parent on board almost guarantees the long journey will be a happy one in the end.

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