Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Using our brain’s ‘higher power’

Taking control is about conscious thinking; using the brain muscle just above the eyebrows, our brain’s Higher Power, and using that to guide our behaviour rather than the primitive child-reptile in the deeper recesses of our mind.

Our brain’s Higher Power is good at setting long-term and intermediate goals, whereas our inner child doesn’t understand goals, and even if it did it would tend to be put off setting them until… later.

Our brain’s Higher Power can make a commitment to achieving those goals, whereas our inner reptile is only concerned about survival such as eating, drinking and fighting.

Using our brain’s higher power by deliberately thinking about weight loss goals every day and renewing them is Taking Control. This will help to bring about real progress on the long happy journey, particularly when we’ve let ourselves go for a while.

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