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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Deliberately build in more activity

When you think about it, we New Zealanders live pretty inactive lives. Just walking three blocks can seem a long way to many people.

But our bodies need movement and our hearts love to pump it up a bit. We weren’t designed to sit around all day. We were designed to walk; and from time to time, run. However, we live in an environment designed for sitting around.

So we’ve got to deliberately be more active as part of the jigsaw of recovery from obesity and build in more daily activity.  We’ve got to establish a new lifestyle that is built around more activity as a high priority for the rest of our life.

Recovering from obesity needs a radical lifestyle change in the end. But this can be brought in slowly like the tide, particularly if walking is painful. Twenty minutes of moderate exercise a day can be quietly built up to over time. And remember, it doesn’t have to be twenty minutes in one go. Three little walks of ten minutes each may be more doable than a more substantial 30 minute trit trot.

And let’s not forget that a lot of housework is moderate exercise – hoovering, putting clothes on the line, chopping wood, scrubbing the floor…

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