Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – De-stress

 Stress is inevitable, even if we decided to stay in bed. We are all faced with a daily challenge to keep on top of our duties and the various things we’ve planned to do.  

But there are also times when unexpected negative events come along that put us into overload as the stress escalates and we can very quickly feel like ####! These times are particularly difficult for recovering overeaters; to not do what we’ve practiced doing for years, which is calming ourselves down with comfort food. 

We need to acquire a new set of tools for our de-stress tool-box, to use when stress levels are rising; when our feeling of well-being is fast disappearing and we’re at risk of comforting ourselves with overeating.  

What works for others is not necessarily going to work for us, but here is a list of common things that really work: 

That’s nine ways of de-stressing right there, and not one calorie consumed! 

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