Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Be self-focused

Many of us are responsible for the food intake of others and feel a duty to provide exactly what is requested by our children, teenagers, partner or others with whom we live.

We have quite a lot of control over our children’s diet, but much less over the others. The point here is we should never use the desires of the people we are living with or encounter during the day as an excuse for our own overeating.

Our task is to plan each day’s food for ourselves as adults with obesity and this will generally mean we need to eat less than the people around us.

If we live our lives by “playing it by ear” and simply responding to whatever comes along during everyday life we will remain stuck in obesity; playing it by ear means acting without any pre-planning. We are not in control, even when we are acting altruistically and providing those around us what they want and need, or responding to the good intentions of others who may provide food for us in social settings.

If we want to recover from obesity (which we do!) we have to be self-focused. We must stick to our individual plans and gracefully negotiate a different amount or type of food from those around us.

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