Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Experiment with new behaviours

We all wish there was a quick-fix solution to our problems.

Many of us probably joined Kia Ākina hoping that it was going to provide an easy, quick-fix formula to recovering from obesity; anything other than working on a new set of behaviours to produce lifestyle change.

These new set of behaviours don’t just start happening all by themselves. They have to be deliberately tried out a few times and if they suit, then consciously practiced and practiced until they begin to become second nature.

This action of trying out our new behaviours is important as too often we end up spending a lot of time dreaming of false simple pseudo solutions or spend a lot of time engaged in talking about it all, and never actually get active and do something about them.

Experimentation is the key to developing new behaviours. It can be good to try out a new behaviour that someone else has found helpful, or maybe you’ve thought up something yourself which will suit you, or has worked in the past. What will you try to put in practice today?

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