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Enjoy Life – Focus on talents

Thinking about what we are good at, concentrating on our strengths, and reflecting on what we have already achieved in life is a tried and true method for enjoying life.

The habit of being down on ourselves and thinking often about negative things is not an uncommon habit in people with significant weight problems. Some deliberate positive thinking re-training is an excellent thing to do. And it only takes a couple of minutes of deliberate thinking a day to achieve it.

Here’s what to do…

1. First think of a time in the day when you are not likely to be hurried and stressed

2. Take two minutes for yourself during that time

3. Sit, lie, stand or walk around – it doesn’t matter which, so long as you’ve got two minutes all to yourself with no distraction

4. Deliberately think in a focussed manner for two minutes about your strengths as a person, the talents and skills you possess and the achievements you’ve already accomplished in life

5. While you’re thinking those positive thoughts, feel a sense of gratitude for those things.

If you’re able to do this daily or nearly daily for several weeks, and even better for several months, your enjoyment of life will take off – guaranteed.

Engaging in little snatches of positive thinking at other times during the day will reinforce your new thinking patterns.

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