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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Incorporate maintenance periods

There’s a good day coming!

It’s the day we get on the scales and our super guru indicates we have reached a BMI of 29 – recovery from obesity.

But what then?

If we haven’t practiced maintaining our weight at a particular level on the way down to a BMI of 29, we are likely to find it very hard to suddenly have the new challenge of maintaining rather than losing weight.

Just knowing we can maintain our weight at a certain level that we have planned for, strengthens our feeling of being in control and the experience will go a long way to help prevent us see-sawing between short-term weight loss and then putting it all back on again, which can be very disheartening.

So a good strategy is to plan maintenance periods on the long happy journey to get plenty of practice. Two or three months in the year we could try not losing any weight but aim to maintain our weight instead. Over a longer period we should have had a number of solid practices at just maintaining weight, so by the time we reach goal weight, maintaining weight is not suddenly a new thing we have to conquer.

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