Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Make exercise part of everyday life

It is surprising how many people think that exercise is something we do outside normal life.

There is an exercise industry out there that is aiming to separate us from our money. The more they can get us thinking that exercise is something we do outside our normal life and best achieved with their facility, their programme, their fandangled piece of exercise equipment or their event, the better they are!

We don’t have to go to a gym, join an exercise class, buy a special swivel-jump-up-and-down device or become an elite runner to recover from obesity.

What we do have to do, is develop a new lifestyle that is generally more active.

This new recovery lifestyle must be engaging or we’ll never consolidate it and still be doing it in 10 years. It must be at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise everyday (i.e. activity that gets us breathing a little heavier) along with a few minutes of higher intensity activity (i.e. that gets us puffing a bit).

The easiest way of achieving this greater activity as part of everyday life is transporting our body to work at least some of the way under our own steam and adding to this the following:

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